7 Change Fintness Resources

The change process is difficult because it makes demands of us and our success depends on our ability to meet those demands. To do this, we need more than knowledge and skills. We need the psychological strengths we call 'change fitness'. This course you will reveal what those strengths are and help you to develop more of them.


This 8-session online program offers the flexibility of working on your own and at your own pace. Here is what you will learn:

1. You will be introduced to each of the 7 change fitness resources (1 Workout on each one) and an extra Review Workout.
2. You will take an in-depth view of the change fitness concept, enabling you to understand what it means, what to look in yourself and others, and how you need to grow to become more successful at change.


The 8 Workouts (units of work) each consist of an instructional video to watch, a quiz to check your understanding, and an activity to complete. Each Workout will take around 90 minutes to complete.

$880 including taxes & postage (where applicable)