Change Management Toolkit

This practical, easy-to-use toolkit is designed to help you manage organisational change by integrating best-practice change management techniques with the latest knowledge of change readiness and the change process. Included is a Dashboard to keep track of progress, plus a 112-page toolkit in both electronic and printable formats.


What You Get

  • Based on best-practice change management techniques

  • Leverages the natural structure of the change process

  • Integrates the latest understanding of change readiness and change fitness

  • Guides you through each step of the change management process

  • Practical, easy to use, scalable

  • Based on over 20 years of research

  • A 2-page Change Management Dashboard to track your progress

  • A 112-Page electronic toolkit containing step by step instructions, tips and watch outs along with all the templates you’ll need to manage your project

  • A 112-Page printable paper version of the toolkit mentioned above to fill in on the fly

  • Copy and use the templates for different change projects

  • A research-based method of managing change crafted for the 2020's

Change Management Toolkit

Change Management Toolkit


“The process is comprehensive, combining a suite of theory, tools, and guidance. The linear process is easy to follow. The questions at the beginning of each step are really thought provoking and provide a practical guide for change managers to start thinking in the right frame of mind. What stood out was how it all tied nicley together.”

Frank Iannuzzelli. Change Analyst, NSW TrainLink

NOTE: These templates can be used for virtually any type of organisational change. They focus particularly on the people-side of change and will help you overcome resistance and increase engagement. Use them as a primary guide or to complement other tools.