Fitness Coaching

If you have completed the 'Understanding the Change Process' and 'The 7 Change Fitness Resources' and believe you could benefit from some one-on-one coaching from a certified Change Fitness coach to deepen your understanding and application this is what you need.

In this program you will get:

- 6 personalised coaching sessions (via zoom) which incorporates the work you have already completed

- A pre & post coaching proprietary assessment of your change fitness resources.

$1895 including taxes 

Personal Change Fitness Program

The Personal Change Fitness Program combines 'Understanding the Change Process', The 7 Change Fitness Resources' and 'Fitness Coaching' to give you a comprehensive and uninterrupted program.

Improving your change fitness starts and ends with scientifically proven assessment of your change fitness capability, there is then 36 hours of personalised learning through video, quizzes and reflective exercises along with 6 hours of personal coaching from a certified fitness coach.

So if you are ready to commit to improving your change fitnessso that you can succeed at any change more often then this is the program you want.

$2970 including taxes​

Executive Coaching

A simple way of thinking about coaching is that the coach works with a leader to assist them raise awareness, make decisions and modify behaviour or take action.  


The leader sets the agenda of what they want to achieve, and the coach facilitates a process by which the client can achieve their desired outcome.

The amount of coaching you need depends largely upon the individual. We have a range of packages or can tailor something specifically for you. For best results however, we do recommend a minimum of 6 sessions.

Coaching is usally 1 hour (via zoom) but we can meet face-to-face.

If you would like to find out more than please contact me.