Frequently Asked Questions


 01  What can I expect from coaching?

​Essentially, coaching focuses on the strengths and abilities of the client in a positive and affirming way, to assist them in achieving current and future goals. It is a solution-focused approach, and coaches are, generally speaking, experts on individual change management. Coaches typically work with individuals who identify as fully functional and are seeking to increase their performance and general life effectiveness and satisfaction. Another simple way of defining coaching is that the coach works with a client to assist them raise awareness, make decisions and modify behaviour or take action. The client sets the agenda of what they want to achieve, and the coach facilitates a process by which the client can achieve their desired outcome. 


 02  What is Change Fitness™?

​Change fitness™ coaching is a series of structured programs that combine asynchronous learning in the form of videos, quizzes, and reflective exercises with personal coaching provided by a qualified change fitness™ coach. The intent is to improve your ability to be successful at change and achieve your goals more regularly, after all, the pace of change and our ability to deal with it is one of the biggest challenges we face. It does this by focusing on understanding the change process, what it demands of us and specifically, our psychological (or internal) resources needed to be successful.

 03  How do I know if we’ll be able to work well together?

I'mOn the practical side of things before we actually work together we have a 30-minute conversation about what coaching is and is not; what you want out of the coaching program; what your role is and what my role is in the process. It’s a chance for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you. At this point if either of us feel this is not going to be a good match then we wish each other well and walk away. If we agree to move forward then the next step will be to complete a client profile which will get you thinking about coaching, what you need to believe for it to be successful, initial goals and challenges and importantly how you want me to be as your coach. On the flip side working together is about have a good rapport, establishing and building trust. Results are important and the process of getting there can be challenging at times. I work hard but I also like to have fun and enjoy what I do and whom I’m with. After all, it’s not therapy!


 04  I’ve had bad experiences with a coach before, how will you be different?

Our coaching process is designed to assist you in enhancing your existing capabilities and adopting the strategies necessary to become as effective and successful as possible. UTY coaching process recognises and delivers highly flexible and unique coaching which is entirely dependent on you, the client. A customised approach is essential to the success of a coaching program. UTY sees coaching as a powerful and effective development tool to facilitate the leadership development of an organisation’s leaders and future leaders. Coaching enables the participant to focus on their core strengths and capabilities to maximise their effectiveness, as well as identifying any gaps or challenges and closing them.


 05  What’s your greatest strength as a coach?

I know how to cut through the haze and maze that is complexity and make it simple. I help you to do the same by asking poignant questions that create insight and build awareness. It can be confronting at times but if I let you off, I let you down. I feel completely comfortable and confident with this given my experience, my training and my own values about growing, results and making a contribution. It might sound cliché but your success really is my success. My intent is to give you everything I have and in the most effective way possible for you to be the success you are looking for. My desire is that you then ‘pay it forward’. Share what you know and what you learn.