Beyond our Comfort Zone

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

It can be scary, that's kind of the pont really!

What is it about us wanting something different and hoping things will change and it will happen without us having to step outside our comfort zone? I guess to a large extent it's part of human nature to protect ourselves. It goes back to our fight or flight instincts when it was 'us or the predators'. It's also something that can be nurtured in us as those around us try to protect us from getting hurt.

Experiencing failure however is necessary for us to learn and grow. It's important to remember that failure is not who we are it is simply that what we tried didn't work.

Imagine how different the world we live in would be if we all just stayed comfortable and didn't push ourseleves to succeed especially when we fail. Books like The Tale of Peter Rabbit or A Time to Kill and even the Harry Potter series. Not to mention we would not have had the benefit of the wisdom and joy of Oprah, the inventions of Thomas Edison, the movies of Spielberg, the sheer entertainment from Walt Disney, the knowledge of Anthony Robbins or the humour of Jerry Sienfield - the list is long of those who failed repeatedly but never gave up. They contiunued to push toward what they believed in, they learned from mistakes and changed their approach

What are you giving up by staying within the boundaries of your comfort zone? Is it worth it?