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Updated: Nov 1, 2019

“What got you here won't get you there.” ~ Marshall Goldsmith

I recently read an article by Brad Wolff - 5 steps to Building a FALO in which he talks about the challenges for leaders during the unpridictable and uncontrollable change happening in the world. He believes the primary leadership driven characteristics are - Flexibility, Adaptability and Learnability so that you have a flexible, adaptable, learning organisation (FALO).

I don't disagree with him that a focus on people, and a personal development mindset along with transparency and authenticity are a key part of strong leadership during change. In fact I wrote about (read it here) 'disruptive leadership' qualities that Korn-Ferry uncovered which are not that disimilar in intent or focus. I just think there is more required of leaders to get their organisations ready for change, to lead them through it and to creating a sustainable culture that drives success. #changereadiness #changefitness

According to McKinsey (2010) 33% of organisational change failure is attributed to poor leadership and management. That means improving & capacities of change leadership will make it easier to succeed at change.

So what are these 7 capacities?

- To understand the change-process-related tasks they and their teams must achieve at each step of the change process

- To discern when there is enough readiness to move from one step of the change process to the next

- To understand the relationship between managing the change project and managing the change process

- To know how to call forth, utilise, and deploy the change fitness strengths of employees as needed throughout the change process

- To continually develop their own change fitness and the change fitness of their employees

- To use 5 key communication strategies to build engagement and participation in the change process

- To promote an organisational culture that nurtures, sustains, and embeds change

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