Choice is better than no choice

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

I keep reminding myself of this, especially when I'm none too keen on the choices! Sometimes it seems all the choices have a downside, even doing nothing.

How often have you heard or even said 'I don't have a choice'? And how many of those situations was there really no choice? Or was it more likely that the choices didn't seem appealing or maybe that the choices were difficult and scared you a little (or a lot!).

We've all been there. I've heard it a lot over the years - 'I can't quit because I have a mortgage to pay', 'I should leave and get paid more', 'Trying to be healthy when travelling a lot just isn't possible'. But you can quit and still pay the mortgage by planning your exit and securing a new role first, it might be hard to think about selling yourself or starting over somewhere else but it can be done if you choose to do it. Most hotels and even airlines these days have healthy food choices and health facilities. I know it's exhausting, long intense days, poor sleep, but it can still be achieved with a little planning and effort.

Weighing up the costs vs the benefits of each choice is one way I use to help me decide. Another is to ask myself which of the choices will help get me closer to my goal. The goal could be anything from improving a relationship, being healthy, achieving a career goal, having a postive outlook or being curious.

The real question is how bad do you want to make the change? Is the perceived pain (yes perceived since nothings happened yet!) that much worse than the benefits you'd get?

How do you view the choices you have?