Disruptive Leadership Skills

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Disruptive forces in technology, consumer behaviour and globalisation mean that leaders need to become disruptive leaders. A study by Korn Ferry found from an analysis of over 150,000 leaders that only 15% of today's leaders can be labelled 'self-disruptors' with the ability to affect major change in the workplace. Clearly for leaders to be successful in the future this statistic needs to change!

So what are the qualities/skills that Disruptive Leaders have? According to Korn Ferry they need to have:

~ Acceleration i.e. the ability to mobilise people and enable them to commercialise new ideas. Act with agility.

~ Affect major change by driving it in their business

~ Anticipate not only what's coming but what skills and people will be required

~ Combined Collaborative approaches to problem solving, partnering with others

~ Trust that people will perform, that helps build a postive culture

Change Fitness can help by building the mental/psychological skills that form the basis for disruptive leadership outlined above. More than that it helps you understand the change process itself, how it works and what is needed to succeed. When you understand this you understand where others are in the process, what support they need and how you can help them help you.

If you want to learn more about change fitness why not try our FREE 4 week course. There are no strings attached so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"Next generation leaders operate with a sense of purpose, are more risk tolerant and are comfortable with far less structure." ~ Nick Avery, Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry.