Failure often precedes success

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

It would be easy to believe that every successful person must have come from privilege, been handed opportunities and/or had a natural talent beyond compare. Maybe some of them did have one or all of these things, but that is not why they become great.

J.K. Rowlings managed on benefits as a single mother, had her manuscript for Harry Potter rejected by several publishers before becoming the world's best children's author. Marie Curie (1867-1934) – In an age where few women were able to be educated, Marie Curie became one of the most important scientists of her generation. Her discoveries enabled the development of modern radiation and X-Ray. She was one of the few people to receive a Nobel prize for both medicine and physics. Then there is Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, the list is long and full of people who have overcome difficult odds to become hugely successful and influential.

What made them successful? Why and how were they able to persist in the face of what must have seemed never ending obstacles and repeated failures?

All these people failed, often many times and overlong periods of time, before they succeeded. They embraced their failure as an opportunity to learn what they could do differently in order to succeed.

They clearly all had a dream/vision/goal that they were working toward and extremely passionate about.

They had the confidence to keep backing themselves, they found ways to engage others in their journey and get their help.

They believed they could and would succeed even if they didn't know how all the time. The believed that change was possible.

They knew that they weren't an island they needed to consider the needs of others and how it fit with their own goals.

They accepted that things would take time and that there was a process they needed to work through.

They generally made good decisions and when they didn't they leared from it and moved on.

In a nutshell these people and others like them were/are 'Change Fit' i.e. they had the psychological capacity to succeed and make change happen.

Yes they had some natural talent and technical capabilities, but those things alone do not make us successful. If they were why wouldn't more of the highly talented sports stars win at the highest level in their sport? Why have so many Movie or Musical stars failed to live up to the hype and ability? They were not change fit!

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