Finding Motivation When We Are Busy

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Do you find yourself putting things off that you know you really ought to be working on? Is the reason you use to 'justify' this (even if only in your own mind) that you just have 'too much on, not enough time'? If yes, then read on....

What Is Motivation?

“Motivation is the effort, the drive, the desire, and the energy a person uses to activate and maintain goal driven behavior.” — Murray Johannsen

Motivation is important because it is the psychological catalyst we all need to reach our goals. Motivation comes from either Internal Sources or External sources such as Fear, Power, Growth/Achievement, Reward/Incentives and Social Belonging. To consistently succeed and achieve our goals we need to have strong Internal Motivation becuase External Motivation can be inconsistent, non-existent and hard to find when you need it most.

So if you are putting something off, you have to ask yourself - 'what is the real reason I'm not motivated to do xyz?' Is it because you are relying on some form of external motivation that is lacking in this case? Or does this task not fulfill one of the internal drivers for motivation?

If the task is necessary for you to be successful (whether a goal you set yourself or a 'requirement' of work or even to maintain a relationship) then it's essential to find that internal motivation. If it is not then, let it go and move on.

But how do you find that spark to get started? To keep going? To overcome setbacks?

Whether it's a goal you created or it was given to you, it all starts with finding your own clear and meaningful 'Why?' - Why should you do this? Why is it important to do? Why will it help you? others? Having a clear and meaningful 'Why' gives you something to connect as you are deciding what to do or how to do it and is especially important when things get hard.

How do you find your 'Why?' - start with a cost/benefit! What will it give you? What will you have to give up? What are you giving up by not doing xyz?