Getting to the Heart of the Issue

In today's fast paced world we are often in a hurry to move on to the next 'thing' whatever that is. We do this by trying to take 'shortcuts' like listening less, talking more and 'mind reading' i.e. guessing in our mind (and often verbalising the same) what someone is saying or even how they will respond. Sometimes it works, often it does not and in either case we chip away at relationships by leaving the other person feeling 'less than'.

That's not the only thing that happens though. We also miss out on a lot of information and valuable insights, meaning we don't really get to the 'heart of the matter'. Why is that important? Because we waste time and energy (ours and others) either going back over things or reworking things that could have been avoided.

The thing is that if we listen with the intent to understand and with curiosity it doesn't take that much time up front and it certainly saves time later. You might be thinking 'yeah, yeah, but xyz simply can't get to the point quick enough or struggles to simplify the message'? Well a few simple and well directed questions from you can help with that!

Here are a few of my favourites - 'How so?' 'Interesting, can you tell me more?' 'What specifically will that do/give us/you?' 'What are the most significant benefits (or risks)?' 'How can I help?'

Why not give it a try - what is the worse thing that can happen if you do?