How a sense of Belonging can Improve Change Readiness

When change is not initiated by us we can feel a whole lot of anxiety about what it will mean for us. How will it change what I do? Will I be able to adjust to the new system/process? Will it affect the value I add? Will it impact my career progress? Am I the only one that feels this way? Is there going to be training to help me? What happens if I struggle to get used to the changes? Is this really happening or is it just management putting 'lipstick on a pig'? The list of concerns is quite literally endless and varies considerably from person to person.

All these questions can impact confidence in ourselves and those that lead us. It can make us less motivated, disengaged and even apathetic toward the change. We can even feel isolated and alone. None of these feelings does anything to get us ready to begin change or to help us succeed at change.

If we as individuals aren't ready for change then it's unlikely the organisational change will be successful. As leaders we need to find ways to reduce anxiety, build trust and confidence in individuals and the plans we have.

When we feel a part of a team, when we know our colleagues and leaders have our back we feel like we belong. What’s more, when we feel that our different perspectives influence not only the work we are doing but also the products evolving out of it we are more engaged and committed.

Net, if we feel like we belong, our individual change readiness increases!