I'm just not good with change...

Now here is a statement to be examined. There are a lot of people who find change stressful and uncomfortable. They would rather stick to what they are used to, even if it's not perfect or even right for them. They don't like to move beyond their comfort zone even when it's something they want - the fear of the unknown and unfamiliar holds them back.

But not handling change is a big problem because change is constant. If things don't change we can't progress. If we don't change we can get left behind. Phones are a classic example - dial up, press button, touch screen and now just 'ask it'. Phones have changed considerably and we have had to change to keep up and in touch. It's interesting how most of us are keen to make this type of change, but, in other areas we are far more resistant.

Of course on the other hand there are those people who love taking risks, hate the thought of not trying something different and challenging.

The difference between these two is all in our mind, it's about our capacity to change. When we have low capacity, change is more difficult and conversely when our capacity is higher, we handle change better. This psychological capacity is referred to as our Change Fitness and Change Fitness can not only be measured, but, it can also be developed.

'I'm just not good at change' is a belief, a belief that shapes our emotions (like fear) and behaviours (like resistance, procrastination, etc.). Our beliefs come from our experiences and what we have learned, often over many years. The language we use (I can't, maybe, never, always, etc.) and the stories we tell (we tried that before, it will never work, I'm just no good at change so I won't try) impact our choices in the same way our beliefs do.

Identifying, understanding, evaluating and making different choices when it comes to our beliefs, language, stories, etc. is what can help us move from 'I'm just not good at change.' to 'O.K. I'm not sure how it will pan ou,t but, I'll give it a go.' or even 'Yes! Let me at it.'

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