I'm not distracted, sorry what did you say?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Being unable to focus or concentrate (distracted) on what we are doing or what someone is saying is not uncommon and in fact with technology and social media it's increasing. You just have to look at drivers around you or even guests at other tables in a restaurant to know that is true. It's also increasingly common in the workplace. Why?

"If I had a dollar for everytime I was distracted, I wish I didn't miss that episode of Game of Thrones."

Is it that we have too much to do? Too little to do? Are we afraid we might miss out on something (this one is somewhat ironic)? Are we hoping to find something 'better'? Possibly any or all of these come into play at some point or another. All of these seem to have something in common - lack of motivation to change our circumstances.

Don't get me wrong we all need a little distraction in our lives to decompress, recharge and think about something else for a while. I'm talking about the persistent need for distraction, that's when it becomes a problem because we are no longer focused on what we are doing. If we aren't focused then we aren't giving what we are doing or the person we are meant to be listening to our attention and the respect they desreve.

Too many things to do? - Make choices about what to stop doing or do later

Too little to do? - Make a choice to learn something new, initiate a project, ask for something more challenging to do

Afraid of missing out? - Nothing is more important than the moment you are in right now

Hoping for something better? Stop hoping and take action