Knowing and Doing - Very Different

We spend a lot of time throughout our whole lives learning and teaching others what to do. Parents, teachers, trainers, coaches, pastors, etc. all try and teach us from very early in our lives what to do - walking, talking, writing, playing games, manners, good behaviour from bad, cleaning, being part of a team, managing others etc. etc. But what is it that turns that understanding into positive action?

I believe two crucial elements are a clear 'why' that has value and meaning to each of us and guidance (and or skill building) on 'how' to go about things.

There is seemingly no end to training and youtube videos when it comes to 'how' to do just about anything you can think of. But without a realy clear 'why' they are just videos and training, not enough to move us to positive action.

The thing is that everybody has a different take on 'why' they should do (or not do) something. We all have different upbringings, different experiences, different values and beliefs, different levels of confidence and motivation. #bechangefit So to move someone from simply understanding what to do to actually doing it requires us to help find (or support) their specifc 'why'.

This is challenging enough with individuals, trying to move an entire team or organisation to take action is on a whole other level because of the varying 'why' that need to be addressed #bechangeready The good news is that there are 5 key messages that if addressed will help you do exactly that, whether working with individuals or groups.

We know when it comes to successful change communication is critical, but it goes beyond introducing the change and sharing updates (also vitally important). If you want to find out more about change readiness join one of our training events, get in touch or find out about having a change readiness assessment.