Ready to Succeed at Change?

According to a recent article in HRD by John Hilton (excerpt follows):

"Senior leaders in Australia recognise that despite the rise of technology, people are still their most important assets, according to Lighthouse Group’s Managing Director Peter Nankervis.

'Businesses can and will succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing world by investing in leadership, developing strong internal cultures and having the right structures in place to navigate change,' he added.

The report surveyed Australian CEOs and senior leaders on a range of issues related to leadership within their organisations, with all respondents occupying C Suite positions with companies of 200+ employees.

It found that as businesses increasingly operate in a climate where advances and technology and industry disrupters have shaken up the business landscape, change (and the ability to embrace and adapt to it) has become the “new normal”."

Are you and your leadership equipped to actually Succeed at Change? There are plenty of Change Management Programs and models out there, but non of them address what is needed to reduce the #1 reason change fails - Resistance. We can help with that!

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