The Nature of Confidence

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Our confidence has peaks and troughs, it ebbs & flows, it can work for us or against us, it can help get us to great heights or bring about a fall, it can be unseen but strongly felt by others or it can be 'in your face' and obnoxious.

There are so many aspects to this complex feeling and it can be remarkably fragile yet it is a vital part of success. Without it we can struggle to get started, to make good decisions, to get help, to learn new things, to lead, to belong and to navigate change successfully. Too much of it and we can miss important opportunities or information, we can over estimate our ability or capacity, we can push people away - often the ones we really need to succeed.

We can build our confidence by accepting that mistakes are a normal and necessary part of life and our learning journey, by trusting that we can find a way, by stretching our comfort zones taking calculated risks (understanding the pro's and con's), by having a strong purpose and clear goals and by not taking it personally when things don't go right.

Some might say that this is easier said than done, but is it really? Or is it a matter of wanting it and choosing to take steps to make it happen?