Transformation and Changing Mindsets

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

To enable transformation of any kind you often have to change the mindset of not only decision makers but all the other stakeholders who will be impacted or expected to lead the transformation. This is no easy task.

One way to help change mindset is to change the lens people are looking through. Everything we think and believe has been shaped by our experiences. They can move us toward success or they can block our progress.

"Creating organizations that value a growth mindset can create contexts in which more people grow into the knowledgeable, visionary, and responsible leaders we need."

~ Carol S. Dweck

To change the lens you first need to be clear about where you are headed and what you want people to visualise for the future. Then you need understand the way they look at, or perceive, things currently. Of course when you are talking about an organisation, the later will likely have many scenarios.

From here you need to use many of the tools in your toolbelt. Crafting a clear vision, achievable goals, plans, support (processes, training, rewards, etc.), success stories, and of course communicate it often! Sounds easy enough with some effort, right?

This takes care of things that are external to us and logical, but, we know that our mindset is internal and will likely take much more effort. People don't just suddenly, and for no reason, change what they 'believe'. They don't suddenly let go of their fear and replace it with confidence. They don't suddenly start looking for win-win ways of achieving goals. Nor do they magically connect the dots between where they are today and how they get to the future.

Crafting communications to address the core things we need to believe to be ready to engage and succeed at change will help. Understanding the psychological capacity (willingness and ability) of leaders and other key stakeholders to change can also help identify strategies to support and manage gaps. Find out how by emailing me or booking a short call to discuss your specific needs.