Transformation, Disruption, Change Fitness

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

What do Transformation, disruption and change fitness have in common? Without individuals (and groups of indivduals) who have high levels of change fitness it is difficult, if not impossible to have a sustainable culture and programs that are both disruptive and transformational. Let me explain.....

Transformation and disruption of and within an organisation requires courageous leadership and the support and belief of everyone to make a difference, the acceptance of failure as a learning opportunity, resilience to get up and try again, agile and adaptable employees who are able to recognise the need for change - to be responsible for it and own it.

All of the ablove mentioned qualities along with many more are part of the psychological resources we must have to succeed. If you have enough individuals with strong change fitness you have a great shot at getting the transformation and disruption needed for business to survive and thrive.

Change fitness is not a behaviour. It's about understanding the process of change and how to handle it. It's something that exists inside the mind and can be measured and developed. It's based on years of research and science.

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