What does Organisational Change Readiness look like?

What a great question to explore. Before I do that though let's look at what 'change ready' means.

Here is one definition "Organizational readiness for change is a multi-level, multi-faceted construct. As an organization-level construct, readiness for change refers to organizational members' shared resolve to implement a change (change commitment) and shared belief in their collective capability to do so (change efficacy)." This isn't a bad definition at all.

Leaders and managers face two problems when it comes to change readiness in their workplaces. First is the lack of understanding of what change readiness involves and, second, research shows that 85% of senior leaders overestimate change readiness – they assume their organisations are more ready than they actually are.

The way change is managed today overlooks two very critical aspects - stakeholders' readiness to engage (behaviour and actions) in the change process and stakeholders' pyschological readiness to change (resistance and capability). So the way

forward must integrate what the best science tells us about change mangement and change readiness.

This means combining the scientific knowledge about how to manage change (what to do) and the readiness to do it i.e., readiness to lead and manage the change process, readiness of stakeholders' to engage in the change process and the readiness

of stakeholders' to succeed at the change process.

The logical question becomes 'How can I assess the change readiness of my organisation?' If you like to find out more about how to do this then you can contact me for an obligation free strategy call Or you can request an information pack.