Whether it’s enhancing the performance of leadership, dramatically improving the results of your business or helping you and your employees be more change ready, we can assist you!

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

Change Fitness™


These are demands that can only be met through the resources of Change Fitness™. Change Fitness™ gives you an improved ability to succeed at change by understanding the change process, what the elements of change fitness are and how they interact to best meet the demands of change. Improving your change fitness starts and ends with scientifically proven assessment of your change fitness capability, there is then 36 hours of personalised learning through video, quizzes and reflective exercises along with 5-6 hours of personal coaching from a certified fitness coach.

People with high levels of Change Fitness™ have the potential to become transformational leaders. They have greater self-awareness and awareness of the needs of others. They take responsibility for making change and hold themselves accountable to make it happen. They are generally optimistic and use empowering communication.

If you want something other than what you have now, change is required. Do you have the capacity and resources to make it happen?

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Organisation Change Readiness


  • 73% of Australian businesses have an inadequate level of change readiness

  • 85% of leaders overestimate the change readiness of their organisations

  • 70% of change efforts fail

Statistics from Optus and McKinsey

Organisational Change Readiness is the readiness of a business or organisation to succeed at the change process. It’s not simply readiness to begin – it’s readiness to succeed at every step of the change process.

At Up to You and The Change Gym we can uniquely assess two areas of readiness that others cannot - change capacity of individuals and the organisation (ability to adapt and engage) and communication (what and how to minimise resistance and increase engagement), in addition to competency (lead and manage change). These areas have the greatest impact on the success (or not) of change.

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Executive Coaching


The coach works with the leader on identifying their current leadership skills and strengths, works through solutions for areas not yet core strength, and helps the client set and achieve objectives in both self-leadership and leadership of others.

Typical challenges or problems that coaching addresses include (but not limited to):
- Building sustainable organisation success
- Effective influencing
- Communication and relationship building
- Improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - Self Awareness, Self Management, Relationship Management
- Managing conflict
- Strategic focus

A simple way of thinking about coaching is that the coach works with a leader to assist them raise awareness, make decisions and modify behaviour or take action.  The leader sets the agenda of what they want to achieve, and the coach facilitates a process by which the client can achieve their desired outcome.

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