What They Have To Say

Sophie Brown
HR Director - Hilti
Alexis Souldopoulos
CEO Mad Paws
Matt Foster
General Manager - MARS

"Therese with her many years of experience in HR and Change / Leadership management is able to relate to the many demands and challenges of today’s business professional. This was my first professional coaching experience, and one that I am continuing to benefit from.  The beginning of this coaching and personal development journey for me was taking the time to really understand what was important to me, my beliefs and values.  This enabled me to set the foundation for understanding how and why I make decisions, and subsequently improved by decision making process and goal setting. One of the key highlights for me during the coaching sessions, has been the analysis and understanding of my personal leadership and communication style and developing a long term action plan to ensure I maximise the effectiveness of my unique style, as well as identifying opportunity and development areas to improve. This has been an extremely positive and rewarding experience from a personal as well as professional aspect.  As a direct result of the work and coaching sessions with Therese, I am more productive, having eliminated the non-important, non-rewarding tasks in my life, I have clarity in my thinking and decision making process and I have long term goals, and action plans on how to achieve them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Therese to anyone looking to make a positive change and unlock the potential of their professional and personal life, be prepared for action!"


Ian Isherwood National Sales Manager Procter & Gamble Australia

"Therese is an exceptional Coach/Change Management leader. She has a great deal of experience managing complex organization restructures. She is particularly strong at complex problem solving, creating an effective roadmap for change and providing senior management and leader feedback/advice on how they can strengthen their personal performance. I would work with Therese again in a heartbeat." Maile Carnegie Vice President, Asia Marketing and Design Function Procter & Gamble carnegie.m@pg.com “An outstanding professional who gets things done. An asset to any project or organization. Each time I had an insurmountable challenge, I would work to figure out how to get Therese to work on my business. Principled and pragmatic, a great coach - and effective leader.”

August 6, 2009 Bob Livingston Vice President, Human Resources Procter & Gamble